Yesterday morning, October 29, 2019, TAS students and teachers visited the first 3 children patients who were given the chance to have heart surgeries thanks to the financial support from Heartbeat Vietnam. Within the previous academic year, TAS contributed over $9000 to this charity cause. We are beyond happy to see our contribution bring invaluable opportunities to these children to have a normal, healthy life and relieve the medical cost burden for their families in these trying times.

TAS students and teachers were at the hospital to wish a speedy recovery to a 3-year-old boy who was about to be discharged after his second heart surgery, and to share their Mustang fighting spirit with a 5-year-old boy who would get his surgery soon. The third patient is a boy who was only 5 months old on his second heart surgery. His dad said it was his happiest day so far because his son was starting to move around more thanks to the success of the surgery.

5 more children patients will soon be arranged for hospitalization. TAS is looking forward to meeting them in person and seeing another 5 lives saved from the danger of heart defects with our help.