TAS Field Day 2020 was such a blast! This morning, June 24, 2020, students across ECC and ES competed in 4 different teams and went through exciting physical activities that really tested their stamina. In the end, Drakon team took the lead and got the gold medals! Congratulations, Drakon, and the other 3 teams on proving that being small doesn’t mean you’re not strong and powerful. Have a great summer!



Pre-Kindergarten Moving Up Celebration yesterday, June 24, 2020 was so much fun! It was like a small “graduation ceremony” for our little Mustangs, as we witnessed our Pre-Kindergarten kids move up to Kindergarten next year and say goodbye to their ECC beloved home. Way to go, Pre-K! Special thanks to our generous and lovely parents who were there for the kids, and who sponsored lots of wonderful foods for the party so that the whole ECC family could have a great time together after the ceremony.



TAS High School graduation ceremony last Saturday, June 20, 2020 was such a beautiful and inspiring event. Parents, teachers, relatives, and other students witnessed our High School graduates say goodbye to their time at TAS and start a new chapter of their lives. A lot of wise words and great advice were given; a lot of smiles appeared on the attendees’ faces. TAS faculty and staff also felt the immense emotions as we said goodbye to our beloved and talented students. After all, this ceremony is just the beginning of everything bright and beautiful that will happen to you, so savor the moment, Mustangs!


What an amazing Middle School graduation ceremony yesterday afternoon, June 19, 2020! In TAS grand Auditorium, parents, teachers, and students witnessed TAS 8th graders bid farewell to their Middle School years and head off to High School. Congratulations on reaching this remarkable level, Mustangs! They also proved that no matter what happens in those years ahead, they will always have beautiful memories of Middle School to cherish and celebrate. Cheer on, our newly graduates!


Welcome to Middle School, our newly graduating 5th graders! Grade 5 graduation ceremony this morning, June 19, 2020, was both solemn and fun, as our graduating kids looked back at their beautiful Elementary School time and got ready to enter a new grade level. So many memorable moments happened here inside our grand Auditorium. Let’s relive them with us through these wonderful pictures.


With great jubilation and pride, we saw our Kindergarten kids bid farewell to their Kindergarten years with a memorable and emotional graduation ceremony this morning at the Auditorium. What a remarkable event it was. Singing their way into Grade 1, our littlest graduating Mustangs once again demonstrated their talent, hard work and the beauty of the friendship they have built with one another. Friends until the end!


TAS much anticipated TED Talk preliminary round took place throughout this week. Students from AP Psychology and AP World History classes presented their talks at our brand-new Auditorium for the coveted spots: to be among the 4 chosen speakers during TAS grand TED Talk event next Monday, June 15, 2020. TAS students all gave this opportunity their best shot, and we can’t wait to see who will make it to the grand event.

SPIRIT DAY 2019 – 2020

What an amazing Spirit Day last Monday for our MSHS students! The four powerful houses Drakon, Phoenix, Centaur and Pegasus battled it out in exciting games that tested both their brains and brawn. Tired but also energetic, in the end, Pegasus took the top spot and emerged victorious. Congratulations to them and to all TAS Middle School – High School students for clearly demonstrating their Mustang spirit!

TAS HOUR OF CODE 2019 – 2020

TAS annual Hour of Code was back for the 2019 – 2020 academic year. This exciting event took place from Monday, December 1, 2019 to Friday, December 13, 2019, and was filled with so many captivating activities. Students got to enjoy fascinating coding experience in different classes and even at home.

This academic year’s TAS Hour of Code saw our achievement of reaching 401 hours of coding, including 251 hours in MSHS and 150 hours in ES. This is such an impressive result, even more impressive than the last Hour of Code’s result! We couldn’t be happier to see so many students get involved in this interesting coding experience. Special thanks to Ms. Suzanne Ede – Head of Creative Arts & ICT Department – for hosting such a wonderful and meaningful event.


It’s the holiday season here at TAS ECC! We wrapped up our year on campus with a Christmas “Potluck” Party yesterday afternoon, December 12, 2019! Parents, students and staff all enjoyed delicious treats, tasty drinks and a special song and dance performance by the students. We here at TAS ECC want to say “Thank you!” to all who attended and brought items to share. The next time you see us we will officially be stationed at our new and improved ECC building! Happy Holidays!!!

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