We are so proud and happy to say that STEM Day was such a success! The STEM day committee has put together many different activities for MSHS students to showcase their passion and talent in STEM field, and they really brought their A-game.

The morning was full of science project presentations in the canteen, while at the same time, students creating catapults for the engineering competition battled it out to find the winner. Those who created bridges to take part in the bridge competition also delivered their best effort.


STEM Day continued with interesting STEM industry talks for both Middle School and High School students. And from late morning till early afternoon, STEM adventures took place across the school campus, in which students had to choose what problem-solving tasks they wanted to try and worked to complete them as fast as possible. The day was marked with so much fun as many teachers and students wore adventurers’ costumes, vying for the Best Costume prize.


Congratulations to students who received certificates for their science projects, to the advisory group who won the coveted STEM adventure prize, and of course, to the one with the Best Costume, all earned their spots on the stage during STEM Closing ceremony.


The American School is extremely proud to see that our second Open Day event of the year, taking place last Saturday, April 20,2019, was such a big success, even bigger than the last one. More prospective parents came visit our current campuses and learned about our international curriculum as well as our new campus, which will come into operation for the next school year 2019 – 2020. It was always our honor and happiness to see the brand of TAS spread to so many corners, and that our education quality is known to so much more people than we ever hoped it would be. Here’s hoping for more wonderful Open Day events in the future, and a great enrollment period ahead for TAS.



TAS Earth Day Market 2019 was here on Friday, April 19, 2019 We were so glad and honored to welcome so many vendors with environmentally friendly products, as well as food vendors to come join us in this meaningful event.

Before the Market started, our MSHS students enjoyed an important TED Talk about alternative ways to help combat environmental pollution, starting from the choices young people like them make every day, such as going to school on foot or by bike. And the Talk was presented by none other than one of our talented students from TAS Sustainability Committee! We were impressed by how TAS students are very much interested and involved in solving environmental issues.

And then Earth Day Market commenced, with a bustling ambience that we loved so much. Outside the canteen where the Market took place, and at the main gate of MSHS campus, MSHS and ES students also showed the beautiful tiny plants that they have planted for Earth Day. WOW, our students really took Earth Day activities very seriously! Hopefully everyone went home with one or two environmentally friendly products that would help you lead a healthier, eco-friendlier life.


Heartbeat Vietnam Week is coming up from April 22 to April 26. To celebrate this meaningful week, as well as to fund-raise for such an important cause – heart operation for poor children in Vietnam, TAS students and teachers from Elementary School and Early Childhood Center have put their hearts and souls, along with their artistic talent, into creating beautiful artworks up for silent auction.

This auction is open to TAS teachers, parents and staff. These gorgeous pieces of art are accompanied by bidding forms with the information of artist name and minimum bidding amount. Some of them have already received bidding amounts. So hurry up and do your bidding before time runs out! Class 4B of Mr. Christopher Goode has 2 artworks up for grabs. And beware Ms. Lovely’s artwork bidding amount, which starts at 1 MILLION VND. WOW!

These artworks are currently exhibited below the stairs of ES campus and right at the bulletin board of ECC. For parents, please do the silent auction when you come to our school to pick up your children. Your bidding can only be done by writing down your name and bidding amount on the bidding form of the artwork. For more information about the auction, please talk directly to your children’s teacher or check the Seesaw system.

Big thanks to those who have done their bidding and those who are interested in the auction. We are looking forward to receiving lots of money for the fundraising of Heartbeat Vietnam!


Last weekend, March 24th and 25th, 2019, some of our students proudly took part in SAIMUN, a model United Nations event, at the Sheraton Saigon. The students served as “Delegates”, representing each country at the UN, with our teacher Mr. Dustin Robert coming along. Those students who came were Nathan V. Vo, Louisa Nguyen, Uyen My Ngo, June Yoon, Hyejun Kim, To Duy Bouvery, Tho Hau, Jagravi Singh and Andrew Lam.

Although it was their first time taking part in an event like this, these Mustang delegates showed a tremendous amount of strength as well as growth in such a short amount of time. Because of their participation, they have expanded their ideas for what their future goals are on many levels. Surely being part of this event was a huge step for these students and the school as a whole.


This morning, March 07, 2019, the High School Musical assembly took place at The American School’s hall, and we got to catch a glimpse of our MSHS students’ High School Musical show coming up next week. Their performance truly wowed us with energy, liveliness and vibrancy. It almost looks like the Wildcats of East High have really come to The American School. We are so looking forward to seeing the whole show next week! Purchase your tickets now, and you can have the chance to see the full High School Musical live, on stage just like we will. We’re all in this together!!! For more information about tickets and show time, please visit our High School Musical show Event section: https://www.facebook.com/events/265285441052354/


This morning, March 06, 2019, representatives from The Wilderness Foundation came to The American School to announce and award TAS final winners of the Wild Rhino Competition 2018-2019. We would like to congratulate these outstanding members of our big, loving TAS family on being declared the winners of this meaningful competition:

Junior winners:

  • Thai Duong Khue (Jasmine) – daughter of Ms. Nguyet, our Mandarin teacher
  • Tran Y Nhi (Bella) – class 1A

Senior winner:

  • Lieu Ngoc Bao Thanh (Jenny) – class 9G

Wild Rhino Competition provided the valuable opportunity for the youth of Vietnam to communicate their innovative ideas to help with the rhino protection and end the demand for rhino horn through various forms, including painting and essay writing. Junior winners received a special Wild Rhino hamper and Seniors won a wilderness trail and workshop to become the new Wild Rhino Youth Ambassadors all the way in South Africa! What an honor! Once again, big congratulations to them all for winning this meaningful, important and prestigious competition.


On Friday, March 01, 2019 and Saturday, March 02, 2019, over 30 TAS students went on a very eye-opening trip to Singapore for a once in a lifetime learning experience, along with 3 teachers: Ms. Emma Berckmans, Mr. Scott Johnson and Mr. Thomas Lupton.

On Friday, our students and teachers started off by visiting the ArtScience Museum. There were three exhibits on at the time and they split up into groups and saw all three. Exhibit 1 was called Future World and involved some amazing animations and 3D interactive activities. The key theme was that the students could affect the digital environments around them by interacting with them. The highlight was the Space demonstration that involved hundreds of thousands of lights in a mirrored room to give the effect of being surrounded by stars. Exhibit 2 was about the life of Richard Feynman. He is arguably one of the greatest Physics educators of recent history and this exhibit was a celebration of his life and achievements. The final exhibit was called Minimalism, and involved different art pieces exploring how shapes, space, sound and patterns interact.

During the afternoon of Friday, our students and teachers visited the Cloud Forest in The Gardens by the Bay. Here, a large waterfall structure was built inside of a giant greenhouse dome. They walked inside and traveled to the top of the waterfall to observe all the different types of plants that would be present in high altitude cloud forests.

On Saturday, our students and teachers headed to the Science Centre. They began their experimental day in the classroom/lab building by making their own Spectroscopes. The lecturer told the students about how they can use this device to analyze the light from stars in order to find out what elements were inside the stars.

After finishing the workshop, our students and teachers went to see a demonstration of the Tesla coil. Fortunately, the museum let one of our students sit inside the Faraday cage for a great demonstration. After the Tesla demo, they explored the museum where there were many interesting exhibits of all kinds of things. Some were about the human brain, a large exhibit was about the nature of phobias, and another exhibit was on how we can engineer in a sustainable way for the environment.

Overall, this trip to Singapore was a great experience; both students and teachers stayed really busy. We certainly hope there will be more transcendent and eye-opening trips like this in the future.


On February 28, 2019 and March 1, 2019, Ms. Tatum Kashap and Ms. Suzanne Ede took 13 students on a Habitat for Humanity trip to Tien Giang province, and they created such great memories while helping people there build a house for a family in need over the course of two days.

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization with a mission to provide decent housing for all. With our students and teachers’ support, another Habitat house is being built to become the new home for people with substandard living conditions.

Special thanks to Ms. Tatum and Ms. Suzanne for being amazing, coordinating the trip and giving our students an opportunity to give back to the community. We are looking forward to joining forces with Habitat for Humanity again for such a meaningful, valuable deed.


Ryan Hoang (Hoang Long Khanh) – a student in class 3B at The American School – had such a memorable week in the US visiting his aunt when he was fortunate to participate in Scholastic Chess Tournament of Gateway Elementary School at Ridgecrest, California. The result was both surreal and marvelous: he WON the Tournament in the pool for Grades 2-3.

Ryan Hoang’s journey to the title of chess champion was nothing short of extraordinary. The article on The Daily Independent about the Tournament says it all about our beloved student: “Ryan Hoang, a third-grader from Vietnam visiting family in Ridgecrest was the only player to win all of his games in the whole tournament, taking six of six for the Grades 2-3 crown.”

You can read the full article at: https://www.ridgecrestca.com/news/20190202/chess-tourney-brings-winners-both-near-and-far

The American School wishes Ryan Hoang all the best in his future endeavors, and sincerely hope that we will welcome more and more marvelous results like this from him.

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