This week the students continued working on their Engineering Design Skills. They were tasked with creating a 4wheel vehicle that can be propelled with the use of a wind fan. Materials at their disposal were clay, craft sticks, construction paper, jute, binding wire, kebab sticks, hot glue and tape. They spent the week tweaking and trying to perfect their designs for today’s big launch. Even though only two out of the 8 vehicles were able to “drive” with the force of a fan, the majority were all able drive with the push of their engineers. 

At the end of the exercise, each team reflected on the reasons why their designs failed or succeeded. Some reasons included: the wheels were too heavy, the car was too light, the wheels were too rough and the car was too heavy. It is very important for students to participate in reflection exercises. Like all designers, engineers, and creators, your product often needs tweaking for perfection. Additionally, the students were able to work on their critical thinking, problem solving, communication and creativity skills. 

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