On Friday, March 01, 2019 and Saturday, March 02, 2019, over 30 TAS students went on a very eye-opening trip to Singapore for a once in a lifetime learning experience, along with 3 teachers: Ms. Emma Berckmans, Mr. Scott Johnson and Mr. Thomas Lupton.

On Friday, our students and teachers started off by visiting the ArtScience Museum. There were three exhibits on at the time and they split up into groups and saw all three. Exhibit 1 was called Future World and involved some amazing animations and 3D interactive activities. The key theme was that the students could affect the digital environments around them by interacting with them. The highlight was the Space demonstration that involved hundreds of thousands of lights in a mirrored room to give the effect of being surrounded by stars. Exhibit 2 was about the life of Richard Feynman. He is arguably one of the greatest Physics educators of recent history and this exhibit was a celebration of his life and achievements. The final exhibit was called Minimalism, and involved different art pieces exploring how shapes, space, sound and patterns interact.

During the afternoon of Friday, our students and teachers visited the Cloud Forest in The Gardens by the Bay. Here, a large waterfall structure was built inside of a giant greenhouse dome. They walked inside and traveled to the top of the waterfall to observe all the different types of plants that would be present in high altitude cloud forests.

On Saturday, our students and teachers headed to the Science Centre. They began their experimental day in the classroom/lab building by making their own Spectroscopes. The lecturer told the students about how they can use this device to analyze the light from stars in order to find out what elements were inside the stars.

After finishing the workshop, our students and teachers went to see a demonstration of the Tesla coil. Fortunately, the museum let one of our students sit inside the Faraday cage for a great demonstration. After the Tesla demo, they explored the museum where there were many interesting exhibits of all kinds of things. Some were about the human brain, a large exhibit was about the nature of phobias, and another exhibit was on how we can engineer in a sustainable way for the environment.

Overall, this trip to Singapore was a great experience; both students and teachers stayed really busy. We certainly hope there will be more transcendent and eye-opening trips like this in the future.

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