The American School of Vietnam’s ECC Department continues to break new ground and explore new avenues of the Early Years teaching experience.

TAS ECC students start their day in the Multi-Purpose outside area. Located there are 8 to 10 different play/learning stations. Each station is catered to a specific set of standards in the GELDS (Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards) and they are all put up for review/removal every three weeks in order to keep the area fresh for continuing education/interest.

During the transition period between this and the MACT (Multi-Age Co-Teaching) time block the students are led in a song/exercise/dance. Getting your morning wiggles out is always a good thing! Once inside, each student is free to roam the bottom level of the school and participate in a number of learning activities. Each activity has been created around the GELDS and is designed to last the duration of the week.

As the week moves forward, so does the activity, changing and developing along with the student’s understanding of the material at hand. If you’re interested to know more, please contact our campus and we are happy to speak with you! Cheers!

– From Mr. Lafe Conger – ECC Department Head –